Market Summary
This table represents a comparison of data from the previous month to the same month as the previous year. It also compares the year-to-date totals from the current year to the previous year. (Compared data includes: new listings, sold listings, median* listing price, median selling price, median days on market, list/sell price ratio, average* listing price, average selling price and average days on market.
*Median: The median number is the middle number in a sorted list. E.g.: 1,3,5,6,9. The median in this series is 5. If there is an even number in a sorted list, the middle two numbers are averaged.
*Average: The average number is the calculated 'central' value of a set of numbers. To calculate an average value, all numbers in a series are added up and then their sum is divided by the total number of values in the series. E.G.: 1,3,5,6,9 the average is (1+3+5+6+9)/5 = 4.8.
Market summary of all property types for the area designated by the Area Report. Data in this table is current only to the last day of the month it represents. For this example, data is current as of October 31st, 2017. If an Area Report for this area was generated near the end of November, a discrepancy may exist between the New/Sold listings represented in this table and the data in the (2) Sold and New Properties Table/Graph (see below).