Sales Price as Percentage of Original Price
This graph represents the average*sale price, average list price and the sale price as a percentage of the original listing price (calculation: sale price divided by list price and then multiplied by 100 to get the percentage) for each month over the past 2 years.
*Average: The average number is the calculated ‘central’ value of a set of numbers. To calculate an average value, all numbers in a series are added up and then their sum is divided by the total number of values in the series. E.G.: 1,3,5,6,9 – the average is (1+3+5+6+9)/5 = 4.8.
When looking at this graph, in October 2017, the average list price was about $346,000 and the average sale price was $343,000. Meaning, the sales price as a percentage of the original price was about 99%. (You can calculate this by taking the average sale price divided by the average list price and multiplying by 100 to get the percentage.)